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Bad Dad Beer Review | Episode 3

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Join me as I get to interview the beer reviewer everyone wants to be like when they grow up, Bad Dad Beer Review (@baddadbeerreview)! Listen (and watch on Youtube) as he does a special live review out of sunny California just for this podcast. Go check out @baddadbeerreview for the most quality hazy (and other) craft beer reviews around!

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Episode Transcription



Reed Daw: Cool. All right. Well, welcome everybody to beer and a half. We have


Reed Daw: A hand or otherwise known as bad dad beer review on his Instagram name. So let me repeat that one more time. It's bad dad beer review go give them a follow and he


Reed Daw: He does some really cool reviews on Instagram, mostly and what looks like some beautiful outdoor California sunny weather, which


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, just


Reed Daw: A little jealous of right now, but uh is thanks so much for joining us and and i think you know like the perfect scenario to to kind of induct you in this podcast is to let you just go ahead and do one of your one of your reviews. What do you think


@baddadbeerreview: Perfect. I love me.


@baddadbeerreview: Let me uh I just seen a moment guided yeah


@baddadbeerreview: Quick wardrobe change here.




Reed Daw: Oh, here we go. What is that


@baddadbeerreview: There we go.


Reed Daw: I close my hat and pass it through the screen or something.


@baddadbeerreview: There it is.


Reed Daw: You know, shameless plug. It is that, you know, the brand that I'm trying to grow right now is hazy boy apparel and so Hannah was so generous to purchase a hat from us. And hey, it looks great on you. So thanks, thanks for doing that.


@baddadbeerreview: You know, it's really comfy like all you know obviously it's your company company and everything, but there's like so many hats out there from different breweries and and companies and stuff. But this one doesn't give me like the Peyton Manning.


Reed Daw: Read


@baddadbeerreview: on their forehead. So


Reed Daw: Right, like


@baddadbeerreview: It's a good one.


Reed Daw: You don't have a headache after wearing it for


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


Reed Daw: Nice. I'm glad to hear that we sample the tide and I love snap x. And so I know like sudden you get like these really huge fluffed up like front parts or others are


Reed Daw: At all. You know, so it's like how to


Reed Daw: Yes, nice middle ground.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


@baddadbeerreview: So yeah, like so.


Reed Daw: Thanks for supporting him.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, absolutely. I have, I have this beer here. So this is from humble see out of Santa Cruz. This is a double IPA from them. I've never had it. My the whole thing on my Instagram is I try to give reviews on beers that I've never had. There are a couple ones on my page that I have had


@baddadbeerreview: But I, I reviewed them because I want I knew. They're kind of like commonly available. And I want to make sure people watching can actually get the beer. I'm reviewing also


@baddadbeerreview: But this one I haven't had and actually I've never even heard about it until I started my page in April.


@baddadbeerreview: So I'm excited to crack this open. It says it's a



Reed Daw: So, I love, I love that humble see notoriously uses foggy for their hazy style. I was like, yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah. So let's see.


@baddadbeerreview: Who can. I've also I'm going to try to pan the camera here, but I've never seen a beer can. I don't know if it shows a good or not.


@baddadbeerreview: But it's actually a white top


@baddadbeerreview: Instead of being like a metal


Reed Daw: Mentality oh yeah I was looking at the black hat. But when you said that it looked like cream colored like cream. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: It's like a mat white. Yeah.


I like that.


Reed Daw: Nice. It's looking looking nice and foggy


@baddadbeerreview: Smells really good


@baddadbeerreview: I can. So this was one that actually ordered directly from the brewery they ship it statewide in in California.



@baddadbeerreview: Packages where you know it's not going to be messed up.


@baddadbeerreview: Anything.


Reed Daw: Not like they just throw a bunch of years in a box and yeah


@baddadbeerreview: I love that color.


Reed Daw: Super


Reed Daw: boggy what what glass. Are you working with today.


@baddadbeerreview: So this is from the dad.


@baddadbeerreview: Which was another Instagram.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah account which is hilarious, but the back of it. Yeah, I got this for Father's Day. I don't know if it's reverse some of the front cameras.


@baddadbeerreview: Basically, yeah, as we go down the night gets better. So, yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Asleep. Yeah, yeah. So


@baddadbeerreview: All right.


@baddadbeerreview: Let's give it a taste.


Reed Daw: Let's see.


@baddadbeerreview: Wow, the hype is real on this one. It's very, it's one of those like smooth and pill. We and very like mellow. You don't get sharpness of anything.


Reed Daw: That too much.


@baddadbeerreview: That goes down way to some of this could be dangerous.


@baddadbeerreview: Very, very good.


Reed Daw: Double IPA. And this one, right.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah and and really the beer that kind of got me into craft beer was just regular like just single IPAs.


@baddadbeerreview: You know, and this was before hazy and milkshake and all that. All that maybe


@baddadbeerreview: Eight or nine years ago started with stone.


@baddadbeerreview: At a San Diego. I lived in I'm born and raised in Seattle that


@baddadbeerreview: Stone up there in Seattle. I think it was called the arrogant bastard was my


@baddadbeerreview: Fear.


Reed Daw: I'm yeah like they always had a really funny label on the back about like what


Reed Daw: Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: There you're not worthy.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


@baddadbeerreview: And up until then it was like Corona and and a lot of Mexican beard college beer and that kind of stuff for


@baddadbeerreview: Corona kind of was my my college beer.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, if you will. But then I had that. I'm like, what is this world about and and just ever since it's hard for me to someone hands me a chorus line. I'm like,


Reed Daw: Yeah, like, you know,


Reed Daw: Nothing's yeah you know


Reed Daw: It's out there now.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: Yeah, that's always like something I wanted to ask you something. I'm always curious about everyone that I meet in the beer community so


Reed Daw: Like I guess that that was, did someone give you that stone arrogant bastard. Did you did you just pick it up randomly, or what like made you decide to


@baddadbeerreview: Try think I picked it up.


@baddadbeerreview: I think I just picked it up randomly. Yeah, I don't know what I think it was at the time when when grocery stores, we're starting to expand.



@baddadbeerreview: wife was pregnant with our firstborn, and it was getting close to the, to the end and I think I even took a picture of it with like a pair of baby shoes next to it.


Reed Daw: Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: I wasn't sure what I was. It was like when Instagram started


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, really note to post, but


@baddadbeerreview: Man, I had, and I'm like this is I'd rather drink one of these than three coronas I mean this. Take this is like an experience.


Reed Daw: For sure.


@baddadbeerreview: You're not just drinking to get drunk.


Reed Daw: It's true. Yeah, it's a it's like someone who really enjoys fine lines like what it's complex. And like, yeah, there's ciphers and you don't have to. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


Reed Daw: And so did you go through a, a, like, I guess, like a rhythm or a timeline of liking different styles or did you just kind of dive into everything or what style do you really like right now.


@baddadbeerreview: I could. I'm still big on the IPAs, not so much. Not in really not so much in fact my first hazy IPA ever had. I hated


Reed Daw: And then I thought I just


@baddadbeerreview: Immediately hated hazy IPAs.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, I don't want to put their name out there to throw me under the bus, but it was awful.


@baddadbeerreview: It was


@baddadbeerreview: I was with two of my friends at the time, and it seemed like it was right when the hazy trend started


@baddadbeerreview: I was like, I don't, I don't want this. Let me grab something that I know ballast point sculpting was


@baddadbeerreview: Was always kind of a go. Go to IPA. For me it was widely available and such. But now I am kind of more interested in the Hayes's and such and more doubles and such and


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, and yeah.


Reed Daw: Yeah, no, I mean, there, there are how I started like the the juice as you'd call it just like blew my mind. And I was like,


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


Reed Daw: What the hell, like what is this


@baddadbeerreview: How come nobody told me about, like, I could be drinking this every day, like what, yeah. What is it,


Reed Daw: Yeah. Nice. That's awesome. And do you dive into some of the higher ABV or barrel aged like Stout's or barley wines, or things like that.


@baddadbeerreview: So that's where, that's what I need to get a little more into and that's what I see you guys get into a lot of I've been really, really done that yet. I don't know if it's partly because


@baddadbeerreview: My household. I'm the only craft beer drinker. And I don't know if I could put one of those


@baddadbeerreview: Little balls down and out. But


@baddadbeerreview: I mean I guess I could try, but definitely something that I would look to dabble. And I do like Stout's I do like Porter's I do like Mondale's yeah


@baddadbeerreview: I just really can't do sours. How about you.


Reed Daw: Yeah, I mean we vary a lot right now we're on big barley wines and like you said we try and find smaller format bottles. Just because like



Path and then


Reed Daw: We also don't have kids. So it's a little less response.


Reed Daw: We can just fall asleep, wherever you are and that's fine for


@baddadbeerreview: Us. Yeah, yeah.


Reed Daw: That's kind of how we like to go. So what's up.


Reed Daw: So what's your favorite brewery right now that's local to you.


@baddadbeerreview: Oh, that's a good question.


@baddadbeerreview: So right now, actually it's it's really local to me and I just went there last weekend. It's called brewery draconian and it's a new Hall, California.


@baddadbeerreview: I want to say, I feel like they're relatively new.


@baddadbeerreview: But they make a wide variety of stuff. And when we went there.


@baddadbeerreview: It was actually my first time.


@baddadbeerreview: With this whole coven situation going on.


@baddadbeerreview: Where we actually went out and had a meal somewhere and actually felt okay about it. They did a great


@baddadbeerreview: Job with the social distancing with the spacing on the tables. The waiter look like, who's ready to go to war.


@baddadbeerreview: It was like math shield and gloves and


@baddadbeerreview: And it was a it was a great experience. We did a beer flight I got five all totally different beers and I think it actually reminded me that I need to get into Belgian ales. A little bit more.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, I liked it. There's a lot that a Belgian



Reed Daw: Yeah, no, those are those are a lot of fun and how how's everything over there right now with you guys. Is it like getting restricted even more is it still you can you still go I do patio dining


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, it's


@baddadbeerreview: IT'S OUTDOOR only they're starting to roll back. I think the news just said today. California has the most cases out of any state now, but a lot of it. I think is just people are tired of being locked down, right, so I've been on the really safe side. I would say compared to a lot of people


@baddadbeerreview: Both my kids have asthma. So I'm not trying to


@baddadbeerreview: To bring it home, but my works been great about working from home and those kind of things as well.


@baddadbeerreview: But it's a couple foot like four months now, it's been


@baddadbeerreview: It's been tough or yeah you


Reed Daw: work full time from home right now.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


Reed Daw: Yeah, I know. I was thinking about this yesterday, even like we really wanted to just go, I haven't had a draft beer and so long and so like


@baddadbeerreview: Exactly.


Reed Daw: I was like, you know, I love having my cans, but like, there's like something even about a draft beer. That's like not even on the same tier as a beer.


Reed Daw: Drinking I just made. Yeah, it's a draft beer.


@baddadbeerreview: Talking to the beer tender, like, hey, what's new little conversation. Exactly. Yeah, it was, it was a good time. I'm hoping we can get out there again.


Reed Daw: I know in Texas in Austin, Texas. So Texas distribution laws are pretty weird and alcohol laws are pretty weird. And so we like just today they announced where breweries are no longer allowed to do like patio serving or any type of service.


@baddadbeerreview: Oh, wow. So it's like


Reed Daw: There's like a big movement now where they're they're breweries here saying like, you know, at least one out of every three breweries will have to shut down in the next few months. So it's kind of like a I mean it's a scary time for any


Reed Daw: Business, but like, I'm like, Dang, like, I don't have to worry about those things. But that


Reed Daw: Is like pretty worthless for people


Reed Daw: Yeah, it's crazy to think about


@baddadbeerreview: The news was talking this morning that they're what whoever's in charge of deciding what gets disclosed and when


@baddadbeerreview: They're debating.


@baddadbeerreview: They don't bars cannot be open breweries can be open and they serve food, but now it's. You can't just have an appetizer, or a snack. You have to have a meal.


Reed Daw: And they're distinguishing what's a meal. And what's an appetizer. So


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, chicken wings, not a meal. You got to order more than a salad suit. Yeah, it's like


Reed Daw: Interested in the morning.


@baddadbeerreview: The morning news right now.


@baddadbeerreview: Talking about what's the snack. And what's a meal.


Reed Daw: I remember


Reed Daw: bartenders have handing me like one


Reed Daw: Single pretzels and a plate, you know, like, yeah, Turkey that like, you know, just so you


Reed Daw: Can have your beer. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: So we're legally. Okay.




Reed Daw: Does your does your wife or do you have other close friends that like beer in the same way that you like beer, too.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah. So a lot of my buddies being born and raised in Seattle. I've only been in LA for like three years now and we we got heavily into it in Seattle, which I think is one of the big hotspots.


@baddadbeerreview: For craft beer, along with San Diego. But yeah, definitely, definitely into it.


@baddadbeerreview: It's funny, we've had conversations about trying to do a podcast as well and and trying to do other things. But once the quarantine hit and like, you know, now's the time to actually, you know, get this hobby going and


Reed Daw: I can see my


@baddadbeerreview: My craft beer problem.


@baddadbeerreview: Is it yeah hobby.


Reed Daw: Know for sure you're doing it like you're you're coming doing consistent videos consistent reviews like


Reed Daw: The content is flowing from, from what I've seen him. I get you're gonna


Reed Daw: Get engagement. It's so fun like to do something you're passionate more


@baddadbeerreview: Why not. Yeah, nothing to lose. At this point, I mean, there's


@baddadbeerreview: In there is one thing I don't know when you started your account. But I was totally shocked at how many beer counts.


Reed Daw: Are out there and ensure my god right like they are out there. Yeah, yeah.


Reed Daw: Yeah, and they're growing and growing to people are more people are building them and it's becoming


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah. And the thing that I've learned and


Reed Daw: I don't know how many people you've met from Instagram, but I've honestly met some of my will, both from Facebook groups and Instagram groups like my closest friends now just from just from the beers.


Reed Daw: Right, finding these yeah people


@baddadbeerreview: It's funny, it's the same kind of people right like the same kind of stuff. So it's easy to get along. Yeah.


Reed Daw: I mean, and like I guess like if you ever have kind of rude or like ass holy people they kind of get pushed away so so generally you have, like, really nice people, people who


Reed Daw: Have beer as much as as you and I, you know, and then my yeah


Reed Daw: That's pretty much all you need right there and it's easy.


Reed Daw: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: It works.


@baddadbeerreview: From all over. I mean, I'm kind of I don't


@baddadbeerreview: Maybe isolated isn't the right word, but I thought craft beer was such a big West Coast thing. I didn't think it existed, you know, once you got past


@baddadbeerreview: The Rockies, but it does it's all over northern New York. Yeah.


Reed Daw: Some great yeah some crazy breweries over. I'm like, central Midwest central east coast.



@baddadbeerreview: Like all over every time I start scrolling, you see that


@baddadbeerreview: I had no idea they existed.


Reed Daw: I know. And not only do they exist, but they're like super hyped to, you know,


Reed Daw: Right. But yeah, yeah, it's bad.


Reed Daw: Yeah, you said, How long did you live in Seattle for



@baddadbeerreview: I mean all over. Not even just Seattle, but like outside of Seattle as well. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Specifically for anybody listening, that's going to go to Seattle. Once things clear up really cool bar called flat stick up


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah. And basically it's an indoor nine hole mini golf.



@baddadbeerreview: On tap that they rotate. It's just that it's an awesome experience for someone who's never been to Seattle for sure.


Reed Daw: I can, I can. Second, I live in Seattle for about two and a half years.


Reed Daw: Okay, yeah. And so I can second that I used to love flat stick pub. And what was the game they had it wasn't the mini golf, but it was like standing and you have like like


Reed Daw: Yeah, they're almost that


@baddadbeerreview: They invented in and


@baddadbeerreview: Leave them it's positive.


@baddadbeerreview: duffel board. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: That's right, yeah.


Reed Daw: And blew my mind.


@baddadbeerreview: Like turning a putter horizontally. Right. Yeah.


Reed Daw: And but their courses or they're like super intricate and cool so


Reed Daw: I thought it. Yeah, super fun unique a that I've never heard of before. I guess because


@baddadbeerreview: They got a good thing going for sure like five locations or six locations on they put one up in


@baddadbeerreview: Bellingham, I believe.


@baddadbeerreview: in Spokane, which is way.


@baddadbeerreview: East of eastern Eastern Washington.


@baddadbeerreview: I think they had plans for Sacramento, but I think this shutdown kind of hurt them. But then they have three actually in the Seattle area. Now it's it's crazy. They're, they're killing it. But that that please kind of furthered my love for craft beer. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: For sure any anytime you get a place that rotates their taps like that and just


@baddadbeerreview: For such a big variety


@baddadbeerreview: hard not to go


Reed Daw: Yeah, exactly. I mean, you've got, what is it the Yakima Valley, which is like America's number one hot producer. So you have like such a close. I guess close to close network of just the best ingredients in the freshest ingredients you can get


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, yeah, that was a really


@baddadbeerreview: funny place to people watch TV, you could see there's a lot of Tinder dates and Bumble days.


@baddadbeerreview: Or states and that


@baddadbeerreview: Was a perfect place right there's an


@baddadbeerreview: Activity and there's alcohol.


Reed Daw: For different different styles of things that you can be


Reed Daw: Yeah.


Reed Daw: Over there. Yeah, and


Reed Daw: What was your favorite would you say is your favorite brewery in Seattle or Seattle area.


@baddadbeerreview: There was one that started to get really big, just as I left, and it was called Cloudburst


@baddadbeerreview: Cloudburst yeah yeah I remember there was one


@baddadbeerreview: They released an IPA. And it was kind of when the whole Trump versus Hillary thing not to get political. But they made a beer alternative alternative facts.


@baddadbeerreview: Which was great.


@baddadbeerreview: That was like the term at that time, it was great. It was a really good beer.


Reed Daw: That was


@baddadbeerreview: hilarious name, too.




Reed Daw: I like the breweries that they, you know, poke fun at certain, you know, in a kind of


Reed Daw: Neutral ish way, you know, poke fun


@baddadbeerreview: Right here. So this is what I had right before we got on a little spin on Ilan Musk and Tesla. Awesome. So yeah, like the font looks like.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


Reed Daw: I think I saw that one in your scrolling through your story just to see what you've been doing recently and I


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: Page and I think I saw that one recently and I was like, of course, somebody did something


@baddadbeerreview: Like a good one. Yeah.


Reed Daw: That's awesome.


Reed Daw: And so what uh, what took you to LA.


@baddadbeerreview: So my wife's parents moved down here. They're also originally from Seattle, but they moved down here like seven years ago and they loved it and talked about how great it was and for all the other dads out there. It was hard to turn down the free childcare. So, yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: It kind of worked out. I actually ended up getting a better job. My wife's got a better job. But it's nice to see the sun. Pretty much every day. I do Seattle. I love to move back eventually but


@baddadbeerreview: Right now I'm in a good spot.


Reed Daw: Yeah, for sure. I do remember the first year I moved to Seattle.


Reed Daw: Like the very, very long summer days was amazing. But then like the


Reed Daw: Short winter foggy days it confused me for


Reed Daw: A little


Reed Daw: Yeah, threw me off.


@baddadbeerreview: Over it.


Reed Daw: Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: The bottom your genes are always wedding, like, yeah, just, yeah.


Reed Daw: You just accept it after it's like that is life after a certain


Reed Daw: Right, yeah. It's just what you do.


Reed Daw: So, uh, what a kind of moving into some random beer questions, but do you have like a like brewery like tick or brewery that you really want to visit right now, whether it's local or not local.


@baddadbeerreview: Right now I'm again another Instagram type one


@baddadbeerreview: For good reason is great notion up in Portland. I mean, I've only had two different ones. I just got five more in the mail from a friend of a friend who lives in Portland, who's now my great notion plug. But man, I mean just their kin design.


@baddadbeerreview: How many they're coming out with


@baddadbeerreview: I anytime whenever I can get back up to Seattle. I'll make the three hour drive to Portland.


@baddadbeerreview: And visit them for sure because


@baddadbeerreview: Then it seems awesome


Reed Daw: Yeah, I've gotten to go to the one in Portland and well they have another brewery location to right


@baddadbeerreview: There must be a couple. They're actually


@baddadbeerreview: Going to open one in Georgetown in Seattle. I guess coven kind of slow down a little bit that's it's in the works. I think they have their own Instagram page for the Georgetown one that'll be huge.


Reed Daw: Nice. Yeah. That is awesome. Yeah, they're blowing up and they do some great stuff there too.


Reed Daw: Yeah. That's awesome. Have you gotten to try a mini Texas breweries yet or


@baddadbeerreview: I can't say that I've tried one. And honestly, I don't know that I've tried really anything


@baddadbeerreview: east of the Rockies. I did.


@baddadbeerreview: Want a beer giveaway recently from a guy in New York.


@baddadbeerreview: And he's gonna send me some stuff.




Reed Daw: I mean, I've done a couple of beer giveaways and you know I've entered in so many and you know it's really cool to hear that people with them because I'm like


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


You know,


@baddadbeerreview: Right.


Reed Daw: Like I've given beer away to somebody, but you know, it's nice to hear people with with them. Yeah.


Reed Daw: Yeah. Nice. That's awesome. Which which breweries. Are you getting him. He


@baddadbeerreview: I know one of them was the other half, which is the one that I see the most and


@baddadbeerreview: The other



@baddadbeerreview: I want to know how many more followers, do you get from doing the giveaways. Is it like a substantial amount. I mean, I generally I genuinely want to give people beer that I really like to see if they like it.


@baddadbeerreview: And I think a lot of people are like that. So that's cool. But it is a good way to get followed versus well



Reed Daw: And then another one I got around the same, but some people, I think I've gotten double or triple that like depending on


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


Reed Daw: You know who you have the kind of repost you and who


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, yeah, you guys gave a lot to yeah we try to do a pretty a pretty big one. Yeah. And the guy that one actually lived in surprisingly lived in Dallas, which is like three


Reed Daw: Hours from


@baddadbeerreview: Oh, wow.


Reed Daw: Okay, so, so now I mean, which kind of worked out in my favor. Is he was like, hey, if you want anything from Dallas breweries like I'll bring it to you. And I was like,


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, makes it easy. Yeah.


Reed Daw: Yeah, so excited to see you know him. Get it all. He's a home brewer, to which is like, cool, cool to me, I'll


Reed Daw: See like someone who really enjoys beer.


Reed Daw: Yeah, it's a lot of fun though. Yeah.


Reed Daw: Alright, are you ready for maybe a little a rapid fire question round.


Reed Daw: Let's do it. I'm actually, I'm writing, I'm writing between hilarious and dad.


@baddadbeerreview: Perfect.


Reed Daw: All right.


Reed Daw: Alright, so what's uh, what's your favorite hop.


@baddadbeerreview: Ooh.


@baddadbeerreview: Ah, I'd say sutra


@baddadbeerreview: That's probably a safe answer.


Reed Daw: Yeah, right. But it's


Reed Daw: Like you can't like


@baddadbeerreview: Something you can't go wrong.


Reed Daw: You know citron you just say that, but not so freaking good like


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah yeah


Reed Daw: What's your go to shellfish. If you have the grocery store. If you had to buy a beer at the grocery store, what would you get


@baddadbeerreview: Ooh.


@baddadbeerreview: You know what's surprising is the Elysian from Seattle, right.


@baddadbeerreview: There in my grocery store right down the street.


@baddadbeerreview: Legion Legion space does IPA would be


@baddadbeerreview: An easily one


@baddadbeerreview: Easily accessible one that I'll grab that


Reed Daw: Is that the one with. Is it like a star or something on the label like a comet or


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, it looks like a hop in it. Yeah, yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: Because they have the one we


Reed Daw: Definitely look like the tiger with a laser beams shooting out of its eyes.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, I just did a video on that one, because that one doesn't get that much love for


@baddadbeerreview: Whatever space test is amazing, but


@baddadbeerreview: They glow just doesn't


@baddadbeerreview: Hire with the lasers out of the eyes.


@baddadbeerreview: Have you not like that.




Reed Daw: I meant to ask you what's on your shirt. Before I keep going.


@baddadbeerreview: So I just


@baddadbeerreview: It's a Titan clothing, it's


@baddadbeerreview: Another Brand brand.


Reed Daw: I love it.


@baddadbeerreview: Something about putting a workout shirt on. You just, you feel


@baddadbeerreview: better about yourself. I couldn't tell if it was


Reed Daw: A Lucia, or something else like


Reed Daw: First, yeah. Yeah. Nice.


@baddadbeerreview: convince my case I convinced I have a four.


@baddadbeerreview: Year old and a seven year old son, and we watched the Titan games with the rock.


@baddadbeerreview: I can mention that this shirt is from that.


@baddadbeerreview: To make myself feel better about myself, because that is one thing that I'm worried about a little bit with this with launching my Instagram page bad review is the the empty calories that have


@baddadbeerreview: Increased as we're


@baddadbeerreview: Working from home and staying at home so


@baddadbeerreview: I gotta stay active. For sure.


Reed Daw: Are you a pretty big into doing like working out or different physically active.


@baddadbeerreview: I'm trying to trying to get into it. A lot of a lot of homework outs.


@baddadbeerreview: For. Yeah, I guess.


@baddadbeerreview: I don't even know that I'd become I mean gyms did have a small window that they did reopen in California, but I mean I feel like that's the worst place to


Reed Daw: Go could


@baddadbeerreview: Even without it. Yeah, it's a soldier journey in general.


Reed Daw: Yeah, that's an interesting place.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


Reed Daw: Okay, so this next question is tough, because I want it was what's the last beer you drink and I watched you drink bopha but what's


Reed Daw: The. What's the beer before the last two that you've drank. Let's say that


@baddadbeerreview: Well, here's another day go a blog. It was a plug it was


Reed Daw: It was nice.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


@baddadbeerreview: Very good wasn't it was to LA beers. Actually, it was a double IPA versus battle. I did.



Reed Daw: That sounds awesome.


Reed Daw: Um, what's the. Well, I think you answered this one too. What's the first craft beer. You ever tried. Was it the arrogant bastard.



@baddadbeerreview: Oh no. And yeah, that might have been that might have been before the stone.


@baddadbeerreview: Arrogant bastard.


@baddadbeerreview: There's



@baddadbeerreview: And we went in there and everybody was talking about this one, like, okay, we'll get it.


@baddadbeerreview: And it came, it was like pitch black. And it was like a eight ounce poured. I'm like, what kind of business. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: And I tasted. I'm like okay I get it now.


Reed Daw: It's like straight bourbon.


@baddadbeerreview: Shot away. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: I should look into what that beer actually was


@baddadbeerreview: Very good.


Reed Daw: I just jotted that down because now I'm curious. I like the name


@baddadbeerreview: Good night. I don't remember who made it or where I'll figure it out.


Reed Daw: Yeah. Nice. That's a great one. What's, uh, what's your favorite food to pair with an IPA.


@baddadbeerreview: Ooh.


@baddadbeerreview: All of them.


@baddadbeerreview: No, I'd say probably, probably a burger really kind of a heavier burger.


@baddadbeerreview: Bacon salted mushrooms, I, I'm kind of a food or I mean everybody says they're foodie but


@baddadbeerreview: I did, I did have a small stint in


@baddadbeerreview: Owners school


Reed Daw: You've got you've got you've got a couple steps.



Reed Daw: Cleaning it. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: So his partner schools. I'm unbelievable, but


Reed Daw: That's, yeah, I'm the slow, maybe not slowest, but just the worst like I love cleaning the kitchen, but every time I'm doing. I'm like, why is this taking me so long.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: Nice. That's a great what's uh yeah


Reed Daw: What's your favorite beer style.


@baddadbeerreview: IPAs.


Reed Daw: Covered that


@baddadbeerreview: Specifically I like regular IPAs.


@baddadbeerreview: Not necessarily the hazy.


@baddadbeerreview: Milkshake just


Reed Daw: Like I


@baddadbeerreview: Am on this one is foggy, but


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, just a classic


Reed Daw: Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: In fact, I had a long run with the ballast point sculpting IPA.


Reed Daw: That's a great idea.


Reed Daw: Yeah, I love that IPA before I started trying to just find a bunch of different ones.


@baddadbeerreview: Yes, smaller. Yeah.


Reed Daw: What, uh, what's your least favorite beer style.


@baddadbeerreview: Sour. Sour. I'm trying. No. In fact, when I went to breweries your quantum last


@baddadbeerreview: Last weekend, they had a Black Kettle sour. I can't remember the percentage, but


@baddadbeerreview: I had it and


@baddadbeerreview: It's just not. It's just not for me.


Reed Daw: Yeah. Black is


Reed Daw: Black kettles like I really don't like black IPAs. And so I don't know if a Black Kettle sour, like when that doesn't sound too appealing to me.


@baddadbeerreview: But yeah


Reed Daw: It was good. You said that was good.


@baddadbeerreview: I mean, it was smooth, but it was, it was very sour. And I mean, my wife tried to and she hated to but then at the end, I just ended up


@baddadbeerreview: chugging it to see what would happen.


@baddadbeerreview: Actually wasn't as bad. If you chugged it so it was


@baddadbeerreview: It was pretty smooth. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: But if I'm going to drink a beer. I just don't want it to be to be sour maybe in a year, it's gonna change.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, see what happens. But


Reed Daw: Yeah yeah yeah you got some other stuff to try to


Reed Daw: Yeah. What's your favorite brewery right now.


@baddadbeerreview: Right now I don't, I don't know that I should plug great notion, again, but


@baddadbeerreview: That's it's hard not to, you know,


@baddadbeerreview: Another Seattle. One would be holy mountain


@baddadbeerreview: That's another one that I'm trying to get my hands on.


@baddadbeerreview: For being down here in SoCal now.


Reed Daw: Holy Mountain is amazing.


@baddadbeerreview: Oh, cool. Yeah, yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: I had a Belgian a Belgian white my first ever beer trade a couple months ago.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, very, very good. I didn't think I was into those beers as much. And when I had there's


Reed Daw: Like, you know, and I just pretty solid.


@baddadbeerreview: Look, yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Nice. Very good.


Reed Daw: That's awesome.


@baddadbeerreview: You can have an owl on the can.


Reed Daw: I think I've seen that one. Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: holy man just doesn't a lot of really great things like that they can do no wrong in my eyes are. I know.


Reed Daw: What a if if you'd have a number one beer brewery tick right now, what would you say it is like, what's the next beer brewery. You've just seen a lot that you're seeking out


@baddadbeerreview: Or that you want, you know,


@baddadbeerreview: The one that from my verses about this common space in LA, I really want to try a lot more from them because that was really good.


@baddadbeerreview: That was a double IPA was really bright really citrusy


@baddadbeerreview: It, it didn't taste like a


@baddadbeerreview: Didn't have like the kind of heavy heaviness of a double IPA.


@baddadbeerreview: And that's the only Bureau pattern. And so I'm definitely looking to get my hands on more nice


Reed Daw: Awesome. Um, if, if you so I don't know if you said you're super into Stout's but if you had to choose an adjunct for style. It's like an extra ingredient. Would you say


Reed Daw: Yeah, the best stout adjunct


@baddadbeerreview: There is, there's some really interesting stats out there. I had, I think I did a video on Belching Beaver there Viva Viva which is a peanut butter.


Reed Daw: Chocolate Stout, so for now.


@baddadbeerreview: It was amazing.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: But I saw on somebody else's Instagram. There's like a Cinnamon Toast Crunch one out there right now.


@baddadbeerreview: Like from cereal.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah, I want to get my hands on that. It's very interesting, but


@baddadbeerreview: I would say mixing any kind of cinnamon ingredient with the stout, you're in for a good time.


Reed Daw: That's a big yeah it's wild to see like what types of flavors, people can get in their beer and make it tastes like that too.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: Alright have got three more for you. Are you a crispy boy or a hazy boy.


@baddadbeerreview: Oh, hazy. Well, I hate the


@baddadbeerreview: Term, I'm glad you brought that up.


@baddadbeerreview: I might use like we might lose people over I just hate that term crispy boy. Yeah.



@baddadbeerreview: And everybody goes through that phase, but


@baddadbeerreview: Once you have craft beer. You can't go back to that stuff.


Reed Daw: Mac and drink five course lights and nothing happens. Besides, going to the bathroom hundred times. Yeah, so you might as well have you know something


@baddadbeerreview: A little more heavier little more flavor.


@baddadbeerreview: And having more of an experience right instead of shotgun.


@baddadbeerreview: Shotgun that


@baddadbeerreview: Got done in


@baddadbeerreview: A PBR something


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah yeah


Reed Daw: Boy, which which nicely leads into my next question is, if you could shock on one beer right now, what would it be


@baddadbeerreview: It would be, you know, it would be the golden road blonde ale, which is there like Dodgers beer.


Reed Daw: I like


@baddadbeerreview: A Dodgers golden road just Crusher. Yeah, yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: A HOT DAY.


Reed Daw: Alright, last question for you. Are you familiar with the term icing somebody


@baddadbeerreview: Oh yeah, you know,


@baddadbeerreview: I still one of my best friends at his own wedding.


@baddadbeerreview: Yeah.


@baddadbeerreview: I wish I had that video clip was so now before ask this question to you, just where did you place this is for him to stumble on it.


@baddadbeerreview: I was I was guilty by association. I can't remember where they were, they put it, but I just remember him.


@baddadbeerreview: Going down on one knee on the dance floor.


Reed Daw: And just


@baddadbeerreview: His wife. I don't think was very happy there but


@baddadbeerreview: That's okay, they're still married


Reed Daw: Yeah, it's funny. That's good.


Reed Daw: Yeah. So with that being said, which person. Do you think


Reed Daw: The person celebrity public figure. What do you think needs to be iced right now.




@baddadbeerreview: Well,


@baddadbeerreview: That's a good, that's a good question. Who needs to be ice right now. Let's go. Roger Goodell.


@baddadbeerreview: Figuring out all the NFL players are complaining that they don't have their stuff together. And it's about to start in the NBA. It's obviously about to start baseball starting right now.


@baddadbeerreview: As we speak, hockey's about to start the MLS has a tournament, but the but NFL still up in the air. Let's ice Roger Goodell today.


Reed Daw: Yeah, sometimes I think a good icing just kind of reset your mind a little bit, you know,


@baddadbeerreview: Bringing back down to the ground. I'm a little I'm


Reed Daw: A son or bad data beer. The, you know, thanks so much for joining us today and everyone who's listening, you know, go give them a follow I'll plug a link to his account and


Reed Daw: I'll show the text block, but it's a bad dad beer review. So yeah, thanks so much for joining me today. And just to chat with me about, you know, my favorite thing and


Reed Daw: Mindy Yes, favorite thing. It was just beer. Yeah. Thank you.


@baddadbeerreview: Absolutely let's let's do it again. Yeah.


Reed Daw: Definitely. All right, we'll talk to you later. Thank you so much.


@baddadbeerreview: Cool. Thank you.